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Emergency Care


Emergency Dentists In Clinton Township, MI

A dental emergency can strike at any time - if and when they do, trust our veteran emergency dentists in Clinton Township to treat your dental emergency.

Dental emergencies can happen at the most inconvenient of times, which is why acting quickly is vital. The faster a dental emergency is responded to, the better the chances are that the emergency will not result in any long-term oral health complications. If excessive bleeding is occurring due to an emergency, make your way to the emergency room as quickly as possible for emergency care. 

Trauma To The Face and Teeth

When permanent adult teeth are knocked out due to falls, trips, sports accidents, and other accidents, these emergencies should always be responded to as quickly as possible. Missing teeth can result in severe health concerns both in terms of the teeth and the underlying jawbone, as this bone must be stimulated in order to prevent from decaying. Firstly, when an adult tooth is knocked out, always find the tooth and place it back in its socket facing the correct way. If you cannot place the tooth back in immediately, place the tooth in a glass of cold milk and make your way to our office. If there is bleeding, place a damp warm cloth on the area of bleeding to help the blood clot. 

If a tooth is knocked out entirely or loosened, these emergencies should always be responded to as quickly as possible, ideally the same day and even the same hour the emergency occurs. Our team at Clinton Township Dental is capable of responding to and treating dental emergencies quickly and efficiently to help patients avoid health complications stemming from dental emergencies. If large amounts of bleeding occur after a dental emergency, make your way to the emergency room as quickly as possible for emergency care. For teeth that are chipped or cracked, our team can repair these teeth through cosmetic bonding, which can be performed right in our office! For patients experiencing large amounts of pain, we can provide sedation dentistry for these patients to relieve this pain efficiently. 

Severe Tooth Pain

Chronic or sudden tooth pain that occurs suddenly can often be a sign of an underlying dental emergency or condition that requires attention. These instances can be related to the gums, the jaw, or poor general oral health. In many cases, this can be a sign that the root of the tooth itself is infected, which would then require a root canal procedure. Thanks to modern advancements in dental technology, root canals are now routine dental procedure that our team can perform in-office in a single visit. Remember that the purpose of root canals is to end pain and not to cause it!

Trauma To The Gums / Gum-Related Emergencies

Accidents such as falls, sports injuries, and other accidents can result in injury occurring to the gums that can cause bleeding, cuts, scrapes, and more severe trauma that damage the soft tissues of the gums. In addition, when these injuries are not quickly treated, this can result in serious oral health complications down the line and immediately such as infections that grow worse over time. These accidents can also involve foreign objects becoming lodged in the gum line, which should always be removed as quickly as possible to avoid any infections, which can cause abscesses and cysts to form. Our team at Clinton Township Dental is capable of addressing emergencies related to gum tissue in a fast and affective manner, and is skilled in treating these emergencies in a way that prevents any additional oral health complications from arising because of them.

If and when emergencies to the gums occur, be sure to rinse your mouth out with water to remove any foreign particles or objects, and then make your way to our office in Clinton Township for emergency care. If bleeding is occurring that doesn’t stop, make your way to the emergency room. When objects are caught in the gum line, they can sometimes be loosened or and removed simply with a toothpick. However, note that our team can remove these objects with special tools to make it easy and comfortable to have these objects removed. 


Tooth Infections and Root Canals

Once a widely-feared dental procedure, root canal procedures are now routine dental treatments that can be performed in a single office visit and that most patients report involves the same level of discomfort as a routine dental filling. A root canal becomes needed when the inner root of the tooth becomes infected, which can be the result of poor oral health or other genetic concerns. When this infection occurs, the result can be severe pain as well as tooth sensitivity.

Root canals seek to remove the infected inner tooth root, known as the tooth “pulp,” and replace it with a synthetic root material that prevents infection in the future. A root canal also prevents a tooth from having to be extracted, and save the remaining portion of the tooth structure. It’s imperative that infected root materials be removed as quickly as possible in order to prevent any future infection, as well as preventing the tooth from having to be extracted. It’s important to keep in mind that root canals are now routine dental procedures thanks to modern advancements in dental technology, and that they are meant to reduce and eliminate pain, not reduce it!

Get in touch with our team at Clinton Township Dental today to learn more about emergency treatments as our office or if you’re experiencing a dental emergency. Our team is capable of providing flexible appointment times and availability, as a dental emergency can often occur at inconvenient times! 

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